The Rain in Spain

We take ordinary, everyday objects and create new looks for them with decorative art techniques.

We do this because we believe it's good for the soul to be surrounded by things that make you smile. A little delight goes a long way.

You can also share in the creative process with us through our workshops. They're designed to be fun and relaxing for all, irrespective of artistic experience.

"If you're alive, you're a creative person"

~ Elizabeth Gilbert ~

Relax and Paint

A fun activity that emphasises the joy of creating. Painting pots is a unique way to be expressive as an adult without needing to learn difficult painting techniques. We guide you through simple crafting methods that you can apply to paint pots that are unique to you.

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Christmas Gifting

Shop our new Christmas Collection for a thoughtful and festive gift. There's something for everyone with the new succulent pot designs which range from classic to cute. Whether it's a present for a friend, a child, a teacher or a colleague, these pot plants will bring joy wherever they go.

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