The Rain in Spain

Personalise your home with decor that is handcrafted and unique.

Specialising in hand painted pots, I create new designs regularly, playing with colour and pop culture references. You can also find a variety of vases and objects for the home, each with a touch of handcrafted difference.

If you're looking to share in the creative process, sign up for a workshop or enquire about a private workshop. The Rain in Spain workshops are designed to be fun and relaxing for all, irrespective of artistic experience, age and gender.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

~ Albert Einstein ~

Relax and Paint

A fun activity that emphasises the joy of creating. Painting pots is a unique way to be expressive as an adult without needing to learn difficult painting techniques. We guide you through simple crafting methods so you can create something that is unique to you.

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Decorate with Plants

Express your personal style with our range of hand painted plant pots and vases. Choose from a host of designs and colours, or contact us to customise something special.

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