It can get ugly

It’s probably not a great idea to start my blog with the most disgusting thing I have seen in my balcony garden since its inception a year ago. However, after days of musing over what to write and coming up blank, I was seized by an extreme urge to share this once I saw it. I can only assume it is mother nature intervening to provide inspiration, albeit in a very strange way.

Without wanting to idealise it too much, gardening for the most part has been very much “rainbows and butterflies” for me. Sure, there have been some learning challenges, and some minor scares with critters and crawlers, but nothing that has really disturbed the general calm and serenity of my little piece of greenery. It’s no Monet’s Garden, but it is a sanctuary where I can reconnect with the earth. Smell it, touch it.

That was until today.

I can’t describe the reeling sense of horror I felt when I found these in Lexie’s planter box (more on Lexie in a future post). Therefore, rather than even try to put it into words for you, see for yourself and please reel in horror with me.

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO
More horror! Filtered to lessen the impact of the incredibly bright yellow colour that is very off-putting

I hazard a guess that these bright yellow mushrooms are fungi that have spawned due to the recent increase in humidity here. After all, I haven’t done anything differently this past week in terms of watering, so I would really like to avail myself of any blame for this happening…….

Now that they exist though, at some point I will need to bring myself to digging these up so they don’t overtake the planter and kill off Lexie & Evangeline (more on Evangeline also in a future post). To psych myself up to it, I will look at these nasty photos every day until I become desensitised to the sight.

Welcome to the Rain in Spain, thanks for reading this inaugural post and I promise to write some more enlightening pieces and post some better photos next time!

Also, if you have experience with these fungi, I would love to receive some advice on how to deal with them and how to create an environment where they will not be tempted to come back.

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