The Rain in Spain is where we transform ordinary, everyday objects into colourful and interesting pieces using decorative handcraft arts. We design with this philosophy in mind:

Create delight every day

Each piece is designed to tickle your happy cells from your eyes to your heart, and we also run workshops to share the making process with anyone who is looking for creative fun.

We’re always seeking new ways to apply our philosophy, so we can expand our collection and broaden our workshops to create moments of delight for all.

Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Australia, and living in Singapore, I was a chartered accountant prior to establishing The Rain in Spain in 2016. I had worked in consulting and held corporate roles, specialising in tax, international mobility and compensation and benefits. A far cry from The Rain in Spain you might say! Yet from a young age, creative pursuits were always a passion and gave me positive energy like nothing else. Music and craft are constant companions, and I want to pursue something that can be a positive contribution to the world, however small or humble that may be.

So here we are, and I give to you The Rain in Spain.

Maker Statement

I use the words “our”, “we”, and “us” a lot whenever I talk about The Rain in Spain. Even though I am a one person business at this point in time, I never think of myself as being alone on the creative journey. Every step involves others, whether it’s nitty-gritty stuff for finance and logistics, partnering with great locations for workshops, or even the setting up of this website where support comes from somewhere across the globe.

There is joy in making something beautiful, funny, or interesting, and I find immense satisfaction in being able to share that with other people.

Of course, I am hopeful for expansion in the future where there will be a dedicated team of TRISters (or ‘The Rain in Spainers’…they can choose their own name I guess!). Then we will be able to do even more to achieve our mission of creating delight every day.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back often.