All the pots sourced are made of terracotta, which translates to “baked earth”. Terracotta is made from clay, usually fired at low temperatures. Terracotta is heavier than plastic and the weight of the pot helps to hold up plants that are bigger or top-heavy.

All the vases are made from glass.

All the pots and vases are painted and finished with products designed for decorative use. They are water repellent once the finishing has cured completely. The majority of products will be completely cured upon delivery to you, but from time to time they may still be slightly under-cured due to climate conditions which are difficult to control. Curing is a naturally occurring process where the finishing hardens onto the pot or vase over time as moisture is evaporated. This can take anywhere up to 60 days given the humidity of Singapore.

Your pot or vase can be used as soon as you receive it, but if it feels slightly tacky to the touch then try to minimise contact with water. Vases are not painted on the inside so holding water and rinsing it out is still fine and will not damage the finish.

Although the pots are water repellent after the paint and finishing has cured completely, it is not recommended to keep the pots outdoors unless the product specifically states that it is for outdoor use. The majority of the pots are intended for indoor use so that their decorative finish will stay in good condition for longer. Also, it is recommended to keep plants that require heavy watering inside plastic pots, before placing into The Rain in Spain’s pots. This extends the life of the decorative pot, particularly in humid climates.

If you have any questions about The Rain in Spain’s products, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help.