Koala Bloom


Meet confused koala. He sleeps 20 hours a day and spends the other 4 hours pondering, “to eat or not to eat?”

With this crepe paper succulent, he’ll always have something green for his stomach to look forward to.

Pot Size | 8.5 cm (height), 8.0 cm (top diameter), 4.7 cm (base diameter)

The pot is filled with shredded paper and topped with real white pebbles. There’s no mess and no maintenance required, perfect for busy people and for spaces that aren’t conducive to growing real plants.

The paper succulent is handmade by Miss Petal & Bloom and the terracotta pot is hand painted by us. As is the nature with handmade products, there may be slight variations to the photos shown, making each arrangement unique.

Available for delivery in Singapore only.


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Care Instructions

To ensure the crepe paper succulent keeps its shape and structure, it is best to keep away from moisture and sunlight.

The hand painted pot is intended for indoor use only, away from direct sunlight and rain.