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White, hand painted terracotta pot with a light blue semi-circle on one side and a peach semi-circle on the other.

Sealed for water protection with a smooth finish.

Each pot is individually hand painted and unique so there may be slight variations to the photos shown.

Pot Size  |  12.5 cm (height), 15.5cm (top diameter), 11.0cm (base diameter)


During a time when it was believed, without question, that the Earth sat motionless at the centre of the universe, Copernicus proposed that this assumption was incorrect. Through his astronomical and mathematical studies, Copernicus suggested that the planets revolved around the sun, and that the earth spun on an axis.

Bravo to Copernicus for daring to believe something different and for having the confidence to voice it!



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Care Instructions

There is a hole in the base for drainage, however, it is recommended to keep plants in their plastic container pots rather than planting directly into our hand painted pots. This allows for better control of watering and will keep the pot in top condition for longer.

For indoor use. Keep pot away from direct exposure to rain and sun.