Candy Cane (deep red)


A classic colour for Christmas! Red, gold and white for a bold, festive look!

Every pot is painted by hand and as such, there will be slight variations to the photos shown, making each pot unique.

For a ready-to-go gift, you can choose to buy the pot with a succulent. The type of succulent that will be provided will be depend on seasonal availability. The succulent will be potted in a small plastic container that fits inside the hand painted pot.

Pot Size | 6.5 cm (height), 6.5 cm (top diameter), 3.5 cm (base diameter)


Please note that the plant options are only available for Singapore, due to restrictions on international shipping of plants. If your shipping address is outside of Singapore, you can still order the pot without a plant by selecting “pot only” from the drop-down options below.


There is a small hole in the base of the pot. It is recommended to keep plants in their plastic container pots rather than planting directly into our hand painted pots. This allows for better control of watering and will keep the pot in top condition for longer.

For indoor use. Keep pot away from direct exposure to rain and sun.