A bachelorette party idea for the modern bride who wants to spend quality time with her favourite girls!

Paint one little plant pot each, or opt for a longer session where you can paint an additional mini dish and play a little bit with stamps as well.

We will show your group everything you need to know to make something beautiful, and I promise it won’t require too much concentration or artistic skill. After all, this is mostly about having fun with each other and creating something along the way.

You will have plenty of time in the workshop to experiment, laugh and hang out together.

Everything will be provided, including paintbrushes, sponges, tapes & other materials. Aprons are also provided so you won’t get paint on your party outfits.

Hens & friends will each receive a handcrafted paper succulent to pot into your painted pots (using paper – no dirt or soil). This instant “plant” will last forever as a memento of your day together.

If you would like to book a hen’s workshop with us, please contact us or fill in the form below, and we’ll provide you with details of pricing and location.


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