A team building experience that is fun for groups that are diverse in age, interests and gender!

Our pot painting activity is designed to allow plenty of time for interaction with your colleagues while you each paint one or two small plant pots each.

The workshop begins with a demonstration of different techniques that can be used, all of which require no previous art experience. The remainder of the session is in a freestyle format where each participant has the time to design and paint their pot, to try whichever techniques they wish.

She was a fabulous host! I loved that she took the time to explain all the different techniques and how to get the most out of our small pots. She also made sure to spend time with each group and give some pointers on our themes and how to improve our designs. Loved it!


This format of workshop encourages participants to explore their creative selves, which may be hidden behind their desk jobs! Many have surprised themselves at how artistic they can be when given the chance to explore and play.

Check out our photo gallery to see what you could end up painting!


Looking for a challenge?

For a more company-focused activity, we can tailor the activity to incorporate elements of corporate themes or values, or even engage in a little friendly competition with team-based challenges. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can help to design a relevant structure for the team building activity.

Love how Mei Po approached our team building activity of painting potted plants with such enthusiasm! Also really appreciated how she came with thoughts and ideas to incorporate a team element into the activity, rather than just all of us individually painting pots. Her questions and suggestions were really thoughtful and mindful, taking into consideration our company, and also the overall vibe on the day itself. The way she facilitated the session also made it less daunting, especially for first-time painters. Thank you for the fun session!


Don’t go away empty-handed

At the end of the session, each participant will be given a real succulent or cactus so that your freshly painted pots don’t go empty. These plants can sit in the office as a happy reminder of the team building day!


To really maximise the benefit of this activity, we encourage your team to participate outside of the office at one of our available locations (to be advised upon enquiry). However, we recognise that sometimes it’s hard to find the extra travel time so we are always open to holding our workshop at your place of work. We are also flexible with timing, and the workshop can be adjusted in duration to suit your availability.

Ready to team build?

If you are interested in a team building workshop with us, please contact us or fill in the form below. We will respond as soon as possible to help create a great experience for your team!


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